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Schumacher Says First Test Will Be Key To 2011 Hopes

Michael Schumacher has declared that he will know from the first time he drives Mercedes Benz’s 2011 car if it is to be competitive or not.

The former 7 time world champion made a comeback this season with the German based outfit following three years on the sidelines, and says that the initial testing will be key to future development, race wins and importantly whether the team will be able to compete for the titles.

Schumacher added that he knew from the first test with the 2010 car that it was not competitive enough.

“What we want to see is we have a feeling with the car, especially with what I know from now,” he said of his hopes for the first test next year.

“I could jump into the car and get a reasonable feeling, although the rules will change and not be 100 per cent precise, but you do get an input.

“At the [first] test this year, even though I had not driven for three years, I got a warning that was later confirmed.

“I hope we have no warnings, that we have a competitive car, one we can develop, and very importantly it will be what you see towards the end of the tests to the first race [that counts].

“That’s my main focus, so when I drive it I hope I get a good read of it.”

Meanwhile, looking back at his somewhat disappointing 2010 season, Michael said he was satisifed.

“Looking back at certain events there are reasons to be happy with certain things,” he said.

“Looking at the development over the year, particularly with what I take out of it, the team, Mercedes, asked me to come back because of who and what I am, and what contribution I can make.

“From all these factors we are happy to keep on working together, and most importantly I am happy to keep on working together because I have fun.”




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