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Welcome to the 2008 Season page. On this page you can find page links to various different features including, Team and Driver pages, Race Reviews, Schedule and Photo pages. Click the various pictures to be sent to that page!!!!

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One response

  1. Wayne

    RE: Spec Engine Racing Coming Soon to Formula One!

    What is Max Mosley smoking??? Can you imgaine a Toyota powered Ferrari or BMW, a Honda powered Toyota? Keeping costs lower for F1 is a good idea,; however a better idea is simply leaving the rules alone for a few years,. Seeing as every rule change that they dream up costs millions $$$ to implement, when the changes are to “save money.” If F1 becomes a spec engine/transmission race, it would be just as interesting to watch the Star Mazda series. If this becomes a prelude to the engine manufacturers – Ferrari, BMW etc. to form their own race series outside of FIA, I would support it whole-heartedly. I want to see Ferrari powered Ferraris racing BMW powered BMWs etc. Spec racing is just like CART, IRL, not that interesting to me. If Max is looking to be flogged again publicly, perhaps he ought to stick to paying people privately – sans cameras. However, if he’s just looking to rip F1/FIA apart, and cost Bernie his mealticket, then, have at it – I won’t watch.

    October 19, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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