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Sniff Petrol Re-Launch

One of my favourite sites, and a fellow F1 site Sniff Petrol (www.sniffpetrol.com) has re-launched and i am honoured enough to have been contacted to bring you this great new site’s press release.


Liverpool based web consultancy Interconnect IT helps re-launch motoring satire site: Sniff Petrol. 

For six years the Sniff Petrol website has been entertaining the car industry, motorsport fans and petrolheads everywhere with its distinctive brand of motoring related satire.


Now Interconnect IT have developed a brand new design and implemented a blog based engine for the site, allowing its editor, car journalist Richard Porter, to make easier, more rapid changes to the website.


“Updating the old site was a nightmare,” said Richard. “But now I just sign in, enter the content and publish it. It’s a few minutes of joy instead of a whole afternoon of swearing and hitting the computer with a spoon”.


The site is now updated on most days and traffic has climbed from around one thousand visitors a day to over 6,000 visitors on busier days and an average improvement of 250% in visitor numbers.


David Coveney, the director of Interconnect IT, said “We were delighted to get the chance to build this site.  We knew of the site’s standing within its industry, and our designs usually see significant improvements in visitor numbers – generally through a combination of attractive design, careful focus, and by making it simpler for our clients to be able to update their site’s content should they wish to do so.”


“The new site design was launched on 1 July, with no fanfare, no big announcements, nothing.  We were interested to see how much word of mouth would spread.  The old site hadn’t been updated for two months, but we were sure people were just itching to see new content.  When it went live the explosion of interest gave our servers a keen workout, but we were so happy to see it all ticked along smoothly.”


With an expected million plus visitors a year to the site, the site is a great win for Interconnect IT.  Having moved from large scale Intranet projects into to the wider Internet it was necessary for Interconnect IT to prove themselves to this larger market with a popular and fast moving website.  Interconnect IT have now done that and are looking forward to building busier and ever more sophisticated sites.  With a keen eye on business objectives, the company believes it’s now well placed to continue its impressive growth.

With thanks to Jon Paul @ Interconnect IT!


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