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Video Page

Welcome to the video page.

On this page there will be links to videos from various websites, and also official team videos and video boxes.

I would just like to note, F1Fanatics does not upload videos themselves, we do not openly distribute for download nor condone the uploading.  We meerly publish what has already been put online.  We recommend to readers that they do not upload videos, as they may face prosecution by FOM for breaching copyright.  Team video boxes appear with the knowledge of the teams involved.

Team Video Boxes

McLaren Mercedes

Renault F1 Team


If you have links to, or HTML coding for any other team’s official video pages or video boxes then please send them to my email, on the contact page.  Thanks!

Some Fantastic F1 Videos

Michael Schumacher’s final Italian race end

Slow Motion, Ferrari wheel hub change pitstop

Senna and Mansell, Barcelona 1991 (Unbelivable!)

Verstappen Pitfire, Hockenheim 1994 (Extended)

Michael Schumacher, record lap at Monaco

Jenson Button’s pole position lap at Imola 2004


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