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Welcome to “The Drivers Lounge” the new part of The F1Fanatics Blog.   This area is designed for chilling, and has links to a variety of games and other fun stuff like videos and pictures that we get sent that aren’t really news but you might enjoy them anyway.

Scroll down to find the new stuff!


Kimi's having a rest this season, why don't you have a quick break from all the excitement!


Mobil 1 dropped me a line to let me know about their new online racing simulation.  It doesn’t look too bad either, and you can login via your facebook profile meaning you can race against your friends!  If you don’t fancy that, you can race against a virtual Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button!   Check it out here: www.grid1.tv/game

Even Lewis himself has had a go at it!

People working for Virgin Racing and FXPro let me know about their new game, based on live currency with an F1 feel.  Its an interesting idea, and one worth having a go at.  Sign up, its free and you could win tickets to the Abu Dhabi GP or some Virgin merchandise.  That game is located here: http://www.f1.fxpro.com/race/#home


Ferrari Shell Commerical – One of the greatest ever

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 2

Some Funny transmissions and radio calls from F1

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