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Column: The Ultimate 2009 F1 Car

Okay, welcome to the next installment of Rob’s Column.  I have been a little quiet of late, the flyaway races have ben keeping me busy!

This was an idea I had the other day, how about combining all of the best bits of all the F1 cars on the grid right now to make an ultimate machine.  Here is what I think would run away with races!

Front Wing – Brawn GP

Brawn’s fat low slung nose and wing is one of the prettiest front ends in F1 right now.  The aerodyanmic pieces on the end of the wing itself also seem to work well flowing air to the sides, with the slung back end-plates deflecting air around the slicks really well.  All-in this is an amazing front end, and surely one of the reasons why Brawn are doing so well right now.

Nosecone> Cockpit – Red Bull Racing/Scuderia Toro Rosso

Red Bull’s designer Adrian Newey has done something pretty cool here.  Raised bodywork, almost like a horn running down from the cockpit to the top of the nosecone to help cleaner airflow across this area.  I like it, and I would have it on my ultimate 09 machine.

Mirrors/Side Aero – Ferrari

Ferrari have done a great job with these mirrors, which they pioneered some years ago.  With the new rules and regs, they have been able to attach some aero extending further than the end of the side-pod radiator which gives them better downforce.

Steering Wheel – BMW Sauber

Ever since BMW Sauber joined F1 in 2006, and indeed when they were engine supplier to Williams, they had remarkably good looking steering wheels.  This one is perfect, with a great delta in front of the driver with 2 sided rev lights, centre gear and two relatively large delta screens.  There are plenty of buttons and knobs on the wheel too!

Sidepods – Renault

I love how Renault have got a really tight coke bottle design on the sidepods, perfect.

Engine Box – Scuderia Toro Rosso/Renault/Red Bull Racing

The fin is brilliant, and something I have loved since they joined F1.  They help deal with the turbulent and dirty air as a car corners, and also allow a smoother flow of air onto the rear wing, just brilliant.

Diffuser – Brawn GP

Brawn pioneered this dual level diffuser, and indeed it has now been passed as legal.  They found it, and they have the best one in my opinion.  To be competitive, our ultimate machine would have to have one!!!

Rear Wing – Ferrari

I love Ferrari’s simple yet intricate rear wing design.  The centre opening, the vents and the curved ends make for a beautiful piece which hopefully will be efficient too.  Both Ferrari drivers say their cars has plenty of grip.

Engine – Mercedes Benz

Probably the best engine out there at the moment.  It has the high end grunt needed, and also the reliability.  Now they supply 3 teams too, the German manufacturer seems to have everything under control.


– Kimi Raikkonen

This world champion knows what he is doing.  His expressionless face and lack of interest might annoy some, but he has a desire to do well

– Fernando Alonso

Probably the best driver on the grid right now, this man can find an extra 10% from a car which doesn’t even exist.  Throws the Renault around like he is on a mission.


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