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Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari was born in Milan in 1918.  His father was Antonio Ascari, a well known Grand Prix driver of the 1920’s.  Despite Antonio being killed racing in 1925, Alberto had a huge interest in motor racing starting with racing a Ferrari in the Mille Migla after deciding to race on 4 wheels instead of 2.

Following the end of World War II, Alberto began racing with Maserati.  In 1950 when the F1 World Championship was started, he began racing with the newly formed Ferrari team.  He finished 2nd at the first ever Grand Prix in Monaco, and 2nd at the first Italian Grand Prix of Monza.  He ended the year in 5th place, before winning his first race at the Nurburgring in 1951 a season where he would finish runner up to Juan Manuel Fangio in the title race.

In 1952, he attempted to win the Indianapolis 500 but retired after 40 laps.  Nevertheless his Ferrari Tipo 400 was hugely successful in 1952 and he won his first F1 World Title.  In 1953 he won the title once again, stringing together a 9 race winning streak.  By 1955 his dominance faltered with Maserati and Lancia, he retired from various F1 events and only won the Mile Migla of that year. 

On 26th May 1955, Ascari went to watch his friend Eugenio Castellotti test a Ferrari 750 at Monza.  Before lunch Ascari tried a few laps in the Ferrari wearing just shirt sleeves, trousers and Castellotti’s helmet.  On his 3rd lap, exiting Curva di Vialone he smashed the Ferrari up at great pace flipping it wildly and Ascari was thrown out onto the track.  He died moments later of severe injuries at the age of just 36, the same as his father. 


F1 Years: 1950-1955
Teams Raced For: Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia
Races 33
Championships 2 (1952,1953)
Wins 13
Pole Positions 14

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