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Mercedes Benz Buy Controlling Stake In Brawn GP

Mercedes Benz have announced that they have purchased a controlling 75% stake in the Brawn GP team.

The German automobile giant had been speculated with a move to Ross Brawn’s championship winning team, which it supplied engines too in 2009, since September and today’s announcement seeked to tidy up the paddock thoughts ahead of 2010 preparations.

It is now likely that Brawn, who won both titles in their maiden season, will be re-named Mercedes Benz Grand Prix however Ross Brawn will stay on as Team Principal alognside Norbert Haug of Mercedes Motorsport.

Mercedes Benz will also be pulling out of McLaren with the team having to buy back the 40% shares over 2 years, but remain with the German’s as an engine supplier until 2015.

Jenson Button is now set to go to McLaren to race alongside Lewis Hamilton, the Briton visited the factory earlier this week.  He claims not to be motivated by cash in the move, however his salary is likely to be greater than the £3.5million Brawn offered him.

With Nico Rosberg looking ever more likely to head to the new Mercedes GP team, Nick Heidfeld is a suprise team mate choice, Norberg Haug says he has held various meetings with the perennial underperformer ousted from BMW this season.

“We are speaking with Nick Heidfeld as well,” Haug told DPA.

“Mercedes-Benz supports the idea of signing an experienced and capable German driver. There is however no reason to finalise the driver situation too hastily.”

More news this evening.


Ecclestone To Ask Big Teams To Field 3 Cars

Bernie Ecclestone has spoken of a major plan he may implement in the wake of teams such as Honda pulling out of F1.

The F1 ruler Ecclestone is contractually bound to have a field of at least 18 cars, a position we now find ourselves in.  With the world financial crisis setting in, more independent teams such as Williams in danger of going out of business; it could leave the entireity of F1 in jepoardy.

Thus, Ecclestone wants the big teams who are financially stable, such as Scuderia Ferrari, McLaren and BMW Sauber to field 3 cars to ‘make up the numbers’.

“If the manufacturers supply engines to other people, they can run three cars themselves.” Ecclestone told DPA

“It is better to have 20 cars on the grid, whether they are in the hands of manufacturers or in private hands, that doesn’t make any difference,” he added.

Big teams like Scuderia Ferrari could be forced to field 3 cars.  It may give test drivers, and young drivers a shot at an F1 seat.

Big teams like Scuderia Ferrari could be forced to field 3 cars. It may give test drivers, and young drivers a shot at an F1 seat.

McLaren Launch Their 2009 Car The MP4-24

McLaren Mercedes have launched their 2009 car which they hope will deliver them another drivers world title.

The car, named the Mp4-24 will be powered by a Mercedes Benz V8, also present in the Force India car.

The car is strikingly different from last years thanks to the swathes of new regulation changes, but despite the close aerodynamic limits the car is rather different from their main competitor, Ferrari’s F60.  The McLaren has no aero pieces around the cocke bottle, something Ferrari have got with their ingenious wing mirrors, and also the rear wing is completly different with sloping back endplates with slashes, and its also centrally mounted.

It remains to be seen whether the two teams will be as close as they have been across the past two seasons.

“Extensive rule changes require extensive amount of work – these are the biggest rules changes we have seen in 15 years” McLaren boss Ron Dennis told presses at the McLaren Technology Centre today.

“That requires the technologists in our organisation, they are not just engineers but scientist with high qualifications, to go back to a plain piece of paper and conceptualising what the fundamental requirement are for the regulations.

“It is there you can get it wrong because if you get it wrong no amount of development can sort it out. What you see in the MP4-24 is a car correctly conceptualised.

“At the same time you are trying to make a good looking car, that is a value we put high, if it looks good it goes good, so what you see is a tremendous outcome from a lot of people, it is a credit from not just the technologists but the other people, this is a fully running car that can run on a circuit tomorrow.

“But this is a second car, the first is already at Portugal, so we feel we are in a good position to attack the time up to the first grand prix. It will be a critical time because it will set the baseline for the rest of the season.”

Taking the wraps off the new car

Taking the wraps off the new car

The MP4-24

The MP4-24

Lewis Hamilton and Pedro de La Rosa messing around for the sponsors

Lewis Hamilton and Pedro de La Rosa messing around for the sponsors

Front end detail

Front end detail

Centre detail

Centre detail

Rear wing detail

Rear wing detail

Force India May Announce New Drivers In Wake Of McLaren Deal

Force India F1 Team may well be about to announce two new drivers in the wake of the deal with McLaren Mercedes, team boss Vijay Mallya told a news agency.

Mallya had previously claimed he would not be told who should drive for him, and McLaren said it would not be a junior team, but that looks like it was a load of rubbish!

Currently, Mallya told presses that Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella would be driving, but this appears no longer likely.

“I haven’t gone into any details on drivers yet, it may well all change” Mallya said yesterday.

It appears likely that young gun and Mercedes DTM driver Paul di Resta may get a drive, after successful tests with the McLaren F1 Team.  Veteran Pedro de La Rosa may well be packed off to Force India, or possibly a double DTM pairing with Gary Paffett who has been after an elusive F1 seat for years.